Makeup Application – The Art of Contouring

We all like the results we get when we contour our features properly. Unfortunately, we also know the mistakes people make when we see them or when it’s too much and it can scare you off. No doubt it takes some time to master the art of contouring even if it’s your own face, but we have some techniques that will help you get to the point where you’ll have the confidence and ability to apply it so well it won’t just be for special occasions.

For the first of this 3-part series we’ll start with the focal point of all eye contact, the nose. To begin make sure you’re working with a ‘clean sheet of paper’ so wash, dry, then apply foundation and concealer. Next, brush on a thin layer of translucent power. This will provide you with a nice base that will help your contour go on smoothly.

Make sure you have your product and brushes ready. If you’re more seasoned with your makeup then try to use a powder, as they give you more of a matte finish. If this technique is new to you then go with a cream because they are easier to build on and blend. Your brushes should be small and fluffy for better precision and you’ll need one brush for contouring and one for highlighting.

Next, literally map out your face for the main spots you want to contour including your jawline, side of your temples, the sides of your nose and the hollows of your cheeks. Once again, we will just be working on the nose right now. The first rule of contouring is blending. Blend inwards towards the cent of your nose as this will make your nose appear narrower, now you’re ready for the 3 step process.

Step one – Highlight

The first thing to do is highlight the center of your nose but don’t use a highlighter that is glittery or shimmery, this could have a shiny look rather than sculptured. Instead use a luminous concealer. Start at the bridge and apply a line of concealer down your nose, stopping just before you reach the end. Then add a small “dot” at the very tip. It should resemble an explanation point. (!)

Step two – Blending

From there use a sponge or your ring finger (cleaned) to soften the application. Do the concealer first, gently rubbing it into your skin and then lightly rub the edges to buff out any of the harsh lines that may appear.

Step Three – Shading

This is the most important step as it will create your depth and shadows. With a small blending brush, wipe away any excess powder, then starting from the inner corner of your eye, shade straight down to the end of your nose, then do the other side. Apply one final blend with your brush, sponge, or finger to ensure your highlight and contour looks as natural as possible, and you’re good to go.


Next up……. The Eyes have it

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