The Second Coming of the Fanny Pack

Sometimes things are functional and simplify our lives but they either don’t have the necessary esthetics or are too cumbersome to be practical. A small bag that can clip around your waist, while holding your necessary essentials such as your wallet and phone while freeing up both your hands was a great idea. But cheap material and the click of a plastic clip all but doomed the fanny pack to a short life. However now we are seeing a comeback, only this time around you have improved functionality, premium material, and better styling. Long gone is the under ten buck pick up at the gas station as now you will pay about the same as you would for a larger hand bag, but they are stylish, functional, and the new rage this season.

We often talk about how the weather changes fashion and when it heats up, people like to strip down. A big heavy handbag isn’t functional when you’re going to the beach, particularly when you’re traveling. If you have kids and you want them on your hand but your purse is constantly sliding down it makes for a long afternoon. If necessity is the mother of all invention then the need for a better wallet trap was the driving force, then fashion has answered the call so here are the some the best in breed of what’s happening now and they have stepped up their game but you had better be prepared to step up in price because they may have intentionally not made this available to everyone to avoid becoming ubiquitous like they were the first time around.

Hermes – “Dogon” – $1,900


Make no mistake this is not for the faint of heart, the price point will make sure of that, but there is no discounting the style. It is sleek, sophisticated, and trending. You’re not going to be able to fit your laptop but your IPhone X, wallet, and emergency lipstick are all good.


Gucci “Ophidia” Supreme Small Canvas – $750


In traditional Gucci Style the Ophidia is quality from top to bottom. It’s well made, well thought out, with two sizes of straps so it can morph from a “fanny pack” to a belt purse and back. The colors and trademark will make a statement while keeping both of your hands free.



Alexander Wang – “Attica” – Fanny Pack – $795


This black leather studded is certainly not like the packs you saw before. Multiple pockets add to the functionality and it might be a bit much for the walk to Starbucks but if you’re going to step out, this is going to get some attention. Please note they are not spikes so don’t worry about scratches or getting clothing snagged.

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