Winter Comes Early As Showtime Takes Over

A long, long time ago I remember working in the office with the TV on in the background, then a show coming on that looked like it was staged in the mid-evil time period. So, as I multi-tasked by working and watching. Then within the first five minutes of a scene in the film stole my attention because of simply how over the top the violence was. I immediately turned it off and thought I wouldn’t be watching that again. Little did I know that the show I was watching would soon be my new obsession to the likes of one I had not had since Sex And The City. The series was Game Of Thrones and the scene was from season 1 show 1 and was our first taste of the White Walkers.

Since then I have seen every episode and have been a part of GOT viewing parties and not only have a not missed an episode but even watched the entire series, yes several years’ worth, on demand in order to get caught up as they move towards the premier of the final season in April. It has been one of the most talked about and anticipated shows in years and promises to be a major home run for the Showtime network. Which seems to be putting together a lineup that is beginning to dominate streaming and cable ratings.

GOT is just one of the heavy hitters in the showtime lineup as another anticipated season opened up in March, as Billions launched it next season. It’s hard to quantify which show I like more but Billions has been a can’t miss along with GOT and when the are both running nothing seems to get done on Sunday nights. Billions writers found a way of getting the primary characters that were sworn-to-the-death adversaries to not only burry the hatchet, but join forces and they did so without running intrigue or destroying what they had built in the storyline over the past seasons.


With the two of them Showtime seems to have a 1-2 punch that will make them the talk of the streaming universe for the next few months so for those of you that have been waiting for over a year for the final season of GOT, I hope it was worth the wait. But for Nflix, HBO, Cinemax, and others Winter is coming early this year.

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